Album: Burn Everything - Hollow Victory (2012)

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Song: Hollow Victory

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Record label owned and operated by Luis Hernandez and Dan Katz. This record label is all about supporting underground music and helping bands to get distributed. You can contact us at

We are interested in putting your record out! We do vinyl and tapes, as well as cd.

Any genre of music is welcome.

Owner and CFO: Luis Hernandez
Owner and Head of Artists and Representation: Dan Katz
Art Department: Anthony Lingenfelser, Alyssa Maucere, Josh Albright
VP of Digital Media: Tim Duffy
Internet Guys: Jesse Schlamb, Alex Chappell

Artists we work/have worked with:
The Algorithm
Res Ipsa Loquitor/Modern Interest
Roebus One
Mode of Egress
The Osedax
Carved Up
Burn Everything
Ebony Sorrow
Wine Thermos
Wizard Eye